Fear of the dark

Dreams are a big part of my life. It’s not surprising given that I have dreams I can remember almost every night. Some reflect events I am experiencing at the time, some reflect parts of my past, and some are just plain weird. Today, I’d like to tell you about one that is definitely weird but also reflects some of my fears.

It began with a training and selection session for UK Athletics. I say training session because although it all seemed very serious with Roger Black encouraging Dame Kelly Holmes, it all took place on an uneven piece of grass under some oak trees. Plus I was there, and I am definitely not athletic. Some of the athletes had arrived with their faces painted blue or had dyed their hair to convince the selectors of their commitment and dedication. I spent a lot of time sat underneath an oak tree while faeries fluttered by.

This was followed by a second dream in which my husband had bought a massive old house. We had moved in and it was the first time I had been inside it. It was dark and creepy, although there were also members of the public roaming around it as if it were a stately home. I crept along the corridor, switching on over-bright lights and peering into rooms, too frightened to enter. When I finally did get the courage to enter one – only when a couple carrying a rabbit wearing a nappy in a bag went in before me – it was full of tall, dark furniture that loomed over me. Eventually I reached what was apparently our bedroom, which had an enormous bath encased in dark wood that could only be accessed by steps.

As for the meaning? Well, what the athletics part means, I don’t have a clue. It does not reflect me at all. I do, however, enjoy the countryside and oaks are my favourite trees. To me they represent solidity and security. There is something stoic and reassuring about them. Perhaps this is in contrast to the darker, uncomfortable second dream.

We are currently in the process of a life changing house move, which explains why I was dreaming about moving. While I am not scared of the dark per se, I am afraid of cavernous dark spaces, such as long corridors. The strangeness of the house may well be due to the impact that this move will have on us, as we move to a completely new country and culture. Excited as I am, it is also daunting, and we are naturally apprehensive about the changes we face.

I am sure that I will be dreaming more about the move during the next few months, but that there will plenty of bizarre, unexplainable ones too.



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